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Yorkie Tail Docking – Should We Still Be Doing It ?

Yorkie Tail Docking

Hello everyone.Thanks for visiting today. Recently Yorkie tail docking has become a very controversial subject. The veterinary establishment opposes tail docking dogs solely for cosmetic reasons. The A.V.M.A. condemns the practice as an “unjustified mutilation. ” They want to see an end to tail docking from all breed standards. The Jury’s Out On Docking   […]

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Sure Ways To Increase Your Yorkies Life Expectancy

increase your Yorkies life expectancy

Hi, everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog today. We will be taking a look at how to increase your Yorkie’s life expectancy. A Yorkshire Terrier’s normal life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years (average of 13.5 years). Females usually live 1.5 years longer than males. When death by trauma and other means is factored […]

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Why Yorkies Dig – What Can You Do About It?

why yorkies dig

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting. Today we are taking a look at why Yorkies Dig. Once we’ve established just why they do it we will look at what can be done about it. If you have this problem with your dog you are not alone. A recent United States survey revealed that over 80% of all […]

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Why Yorkies Whine And What To Do About It.

why Yorkies whine

Hello everybody trust me there’s nothing more annoying if you are working from home, than a whining puppy. That’s why we are going to take a look at why Yorkies whine. We will also discuss what can be done about it. New born Yorkshire Terrier puppies find themselves in a rather helpless state but fortunately […]

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Training Yorkie Puppies To Walk On The Leash

training yorkie puppies to walk on the leash

Hello everyone thanks for visiting the blog today.I am looking at training Yorkie puppies to walk on the leash. Please don’t imagine that your Yorkie puppy automatically knows this stuff! For some puppies, it can be a real shock to find the leash hanging off his or her neck.Its an even a bigger one when […]

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Choosing A Pet Gate For Your Yorkie

choosing a pet gate for your Yorkie.

Hi everyone thanks for visiting today. We are choosing a pet gate for your Yorkie. There are several gates on the market, and they can be quite different starting from the material,width and height, price, design, etc. Richell pet gates are my first pick and they are very popular with dog owners. A doggy gate […]

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Things You Should Know About Yorkie Rescues

things you should know about Yorkie rescues.

Hi Everyone thanks for all your lovely comments. I really appreciate hearing your views on the wide range of subjects we cover in the posts on this blog. Today we will cover 15 things you should know about Yorkie rescues. A large number of Yorkshire Terriers are patiently waiting for new homes in rescue programs. […]

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Helping A Yorkie Puppy With Separation Anxiety Issues

helping a yorkie puppy with separation anxiety

Hello Everyone thanks for visiting the blog today! We are looking at helping a Yorkie puppy with separation anxiety. Yorkies are wonderful, caring little dogs and their owners are the center of their world. That’s why it’s not a surprise if your Yorkshire Terrier is somewhat put out when you leave the house without him. […]

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Potty Training A Yorkie Puppy – The Right Way

Hello again thanks for all your lovely comments. You rock!. Today we are looking at what can be a tricky problem if not handled correctly..potty training a Yorkie puppy. Whenever a Yorkie puppy shows up its a reason for great excitement in most any family. It soon will become clear that house training is going […]

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6 Tips To Help Crate Train Your Yorkie Puppy

tips to help crate train your yorkie puppy

Hey everyone..Today we are looking at six tips to help crate train your Yorkie puppy. Crate training is an excellent way to keep an eye on your new little puppy,at the same time ensuring he isn’t messing in every corner, and chewing your household possessions. Actually, dogs like to have their own personal space where […]

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Sure Ways To Get Yorkies To Quit Biting

ways to get yorkies to quit bitingi

Hello everyone today we are looking at sure ways to get Yorkies to quit biting. When you get the Yorkshire Terrier pup home you might begin to discover he/she tends to bite. This playful biting may seem harmless but still shouldn’t be tolerated. Playful biting at the puppy stage can lead to much more offensive […]

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Sure Ways To Curb Your Yorkies Excessive Barking

curb your yorkies excessive barking

Hello everyone thanks for visiting the blog today we are looking at sure ways to curb your Yorkies excessive barking. Yorkshire terriers were bred to bark to alert their masters to the fact that they have found something. They may also bark naturally as a sign of excitement or aggression.The problem is that some Yorkies […]

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