Choosing The Best Beds For Yorkie Dogs

choosing the best dog beds for yorkie dogs

​Hi, Everyone.Thank you for buying so many products through my links last month. I appreciate your support! Today we are going to cover choosing the best beds for Yorkie dogs.A small dog can get awfully cold! the simple fact is that any dog under around fourteen pounds needs somewhere to cuddle up and get warm. […]

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Why Yorkies Dig – What Can You Do About It?

why yorkies dig

​Hello, everyone. Thanks for visiting. Today we are taking a look at why Yorkies Dig. Once we’ve established just why they do it we will look at what can be done about it.If you have this problem with your dog you are not alone. A recent United States survey revealed that over 80% of all […]

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How To House Train A Yorkie Puppy

​Hi, Everyone. I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links. Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for visiting.Today we are looking at how to house train a Yorkie puppy.Yorkshire Terriers are actually easier to house train than many other breeds. A Yorkie always tries to please. […]

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Will A Yorkie Make A Good Pet ? It Depends

will a yorkie make a good pet

Hi, Everyone.Today I am going to try to answer the question ” Will a Yorkie make a good pet? “Yorkshire Terriers fondly known as Yorkie Dogs are certainly among most adorable dogs in the world.The second most popular dog breed in the U.S. One look at a Yorkie puppy, and you will agree that they […]

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Grooming A Yorkshire Terrier At Home – Here’s How!

grooming a yorkshire terrier at home

​Hi, Everyone.Thank you for buying so many products through my links last month. I appreciate your support! Perhaps you are wondering whether grooming a Yorkshire terrier at home is a good idea.I highly recommend that you do. Here’s why.Yorkies are best known for their flowing coats, which if cared for well enough, look absolutely spectacular.When […]

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Choosing A Pet Gate For Your Yorkie

​Hi everyone thanks for visiting today.Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! We are choosing a pet gate for your Yorkie.Our pug is not as fond of Judy as we are. Judy wants to play and Percy wants a little peace. The rest of us think she’s has been a marvelous […]

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8 Ways To Help A Yorkie With Separation Anxiety

helping a yorkie puppy with separation anxiety

​Hello, Everyone. Let’s take a look at ways to help a Yorkie with Separation anxiety.Separation Anxiety has nothing to do with good vs bad conduct. It has everything to do with your Yorkies’ emotional ability to handle being home alone.Yorkies are wonderful, caring little dogs and their owners are the center of their world. That’s […]

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Choosing A Pet Carrier For Your Yorkie Dog

Choosing A pet carrier for your yorkie

​Hey, everyone, your Yorkie dog is part of your family and you like to take her everywhere with you. Blame it on small dog lovers like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton.Everyone knows that Yorkies belong in a matching purse. At least some of the time.Let’s take a look at choosing a pet carrier.How else are […]

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How To Spot The Most Common Yorkie Health Problems

common yorkie health problems

​Hi, all. Thanks for visiting the blog today. I am discussing how to spot the most common Yorkie health problems to look out for.Yorkies are prone to a variety of health issues. The conditions could be inherited but may also be congenital or acquired.Even when experienced breeders check for any genetic diseases that could come […]

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Traveling With Yorkie Dogs Just Got Easier

traveling with yorkie

​Hi, Everyone.Thank you for buying so many products through my links last month. I appreciate your support! These days you don’t have to hassle to get someone to look after your Yorkie when you go away. Take her with you! Traveling with Yorkie dogs just got easier.Punch loves to go for car rides. All my […]

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Dealing With Yorkie Separation Anxiety

socializing yorkie puppies

​Hi, Everyone Yorkie separation anxiety is one of the most traumatic issues your pet can suffer from. This distressing condition occurs in around 10 percent of all dogs. So let’s take a look at dealing with Yorkie separation anxiety.I often hear the sorry story of a dog owner coming home to complete devastation. Holes in […]

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Finding The Best Dog Food For Yorkie Dogs

best dog food for yorkies

​​Hello, everyone. Today I am looking to find the best dog food for Yorkie dogs.​Judy has a few funny moments. Like how desperate she always is for food. She did a run and dive under the couch for a potato chip that fell under there. Or when she walked into the glass sliding door then […]

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Dealing With A Jealous Yorkie Can Be A Pain In The Ass

dealing with a jealous yorkie.

​Hi, Everyone. Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! We have had my son’s and daughter in law’s dog with us for the holidays.Our Yorkie has played up a treat. This got me thinking that it would be a good idea to take a look at dealing with a jealous Yorkie.When […]

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Why Yorkies Whine And What To Do About It.

why yorkies whine

​Hello, everybody. Trust me there’s nothing more annoying if you are working from home, than a whining puppy. That’s why we are going to take a look at why Yorkies whine. We will also discuss what can be done about it.Newborn Yorkshire Terrier puppies find themselves in a rather helpless state but fortunately, mom is […]

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Yorkies Running Off And How To Stop Them

yorkie running off

​Hello, everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog.What does it mean when a Yorkies running off every time a door is left open?Your dog may be telling you something about himself. When a Yorkies running off, it could mean he’s not happy at home. It’s not necessarily that he has a bad home life. As a […]

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Has Breeding Teacup Yorkies Become An Unethical Practice?

teacup yorkie

​LOVE YOU! Hello, everyone. Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Has Breeding Teacup Yorkies become An Unethical Practice?Well, the high demand for adorable Teacup Yorkie Dogs means that they sell for thousands of dollars.That’s a large incentive for unethical Yorkie breeding where people breed these miniature dogs any way they […]

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Teaching Yorkie Leave It – 9 Easy Steps

teaching yorkie leave it

​Hi, Everyone Do not think that teaching Yorkie “LEAVE IT ( DROP IT) will be a simple chore. It’s bound to take some time and a lot of patience before your dog gets it.Beneath his angelic face and sweetheart shape, the Yorkshire Terrier has a rather uncooperative nature. Be ready for some obstinacy in training.This […]

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Teaching Your Yorkie To Play Fetch- 5 Easy Steps

teaching your yorkie to play fetch

​Hi, Everyone. Teaching your Yorkie to play fetch could be as easy as locating a toy she really desires or as difficult as training the full sequence of chasing, recovering and returning. Merrill Markoe, Walking in Circles Before Lying Down “Maybe this is kind of cliche, but animals, well, dogs, are what I do for […]

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